Minor in Theatre - Contemporary Theatre THEA 4931   Contemporary Theatre
This course will deal with the most recent developments in theatre, especially with those post-1970s trends that exercise a broad international influence. Each year, our investigation will begin with a brief look at postmodern theatre and cover topics such as performance art, physical theatre, and postdramatic theatre. The main focus of the course, however, will be dictated by what is currently happening on major stages across the world and may significantly change from one year to another. In the interest of a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the subject, both commercial and experimental theatres will be studied, and we will also examine some relevant works of criticism and theory. Since much of the material required for this course is not yet removed enough from our time to be accessible in scholarly literature, students should be prepared for alternative methods of research.
  • Lecture
  • Seminar

FORMAT COMMENTS: Lecture/seminar, 3 hours