Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment - Applied Field Methods in Fish Ecology BIOL 3632   Applied Field Methods in Fish Ecology
Practical experience conducting field research on fishes with field trips to streams and shallow water marine/freshwater habitats. Techniques include collecting fish, designing and conducting surveys, studying behaviour, measuring phenotypic variability, quantifying temporal and spatial variation, planning for statistical analysis, and weighing tradeoffs between data quality, quantity, costs and ethical/environmental considerations.
NOTES: Offered in summer through SEASIDE. An auxiliary fee is charged to cover field expenses. For dates, times and special registration procedures, see seaside.science.dal.ca.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

FORMAT COMMENTS: Field intensive
PREREQUISITES: BIOL 2060.03 (or BIOA 3001.03) and STAT 1060.03 (or MATH 1060.03 or SCIE 1505), or their equivalents, or permission of instructor. STAT 2080 is recommended.
CROSS-LISTING: MARI 3632.03, ENVS 3632.03