Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment - Terrestrial Ecology BIOL 3762   Terrestrial Ecology
This course provides a conceptual framework for understanding the function of terrestrial ecosystems. One week at a field station in Nova Scotia provides practical experience with forest, bog and agroecosystems. Topics include soil profiles and nutrients; plant productivity and interactions; and ecological roles of microorganisms, lichens, fungi, insects, and vertebrates.
NOTES: Offered in summer through SEASIDE. An auxiliary fee is charged to cover field expenses. For dates, times, and special registration procedures see seaside.science.dal.ca
  • Lecture
  • Lab

FORMAT COMMENTS: Field intensive
PREREQUISITES: BIOL 2003.03 or BIOL 2004.03 , and BIOL 2060.03 (or BIOA 3001.03), or instructor's permission.