Certificate in Environmental Biology - Animal Adaptation and Stress BIOA 4004   Animal Adaptation and Stress
This is an advanced-level course in the comparative physiology of animal adaptation and stress. The concepts of allostasis, homeostasis and the physiological stress response will be reviewed, and the role of endocrine regulation in animal adaptation under changing external (environmental) and internal (life-history) demands will be discussed. Special emphasis will be placed on mammalian and avian adaptation in response to changes in the internal, physical, and social environments. Species discussed may include livestock, companion and zoo animals, and wildlife.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
FORMAT COMMENTS: Offered in alternate years
PREREQUISITES: Any one of BIOA 2006, BIOA 3005, BIOL 3078, DENT 1119, MARI 3074, PHYL 1000, PHYL 1010, PHYL 1400, PHYL 2032