Courses - Analyzing the Outcomes of Healthcare HESA 6305   Analyzing the Outcomes of Healthcare
Determining the outcomes of healthcare provision and measuring the performance of healthcare organizations are redefining how healthcare is strategized and delivered. This is a reflection of the urgent need to improve healthcare quality and the imperative of assessing healthcare interventions. The objective of this class is to expose students to the origins of the medical outcomes movement, the importance of understanding the forces driving outcomes management, and the necessity of developing the requisite skills for managing healthcare organizations. Topics examined in the course include developing strategies for implementing an outcomes measurement system, assessing customer satisfaction and feedback, quality of life measurement, the utilization of health services, small area variations, clinical practice guidelines, disease management, measuring outcomes in long term care, the dynamics of waiting lists, and system performance measurement. Didactic lectures, case analysis, assigned readings, assignments which combine theoretical and practical application, and a final presentation providing detailed analysis of an outcomes management project will be used to expose students to this area of healthcare management.