Courses - International Political Economy POLI 5587   International Political Economy
This course is composed of two overlapping constituent themes. The first theme is that of competing explanations of international political economic behaviour - behaviour affected by that diffuse political authority characteristic of the international system, the second, that of examining the basic issues in international political economy - the fundamental questions as to why international trade, international finance, unequal economic development, international organization, and the multinational enterprise. The first theme functions to create the over-all framework of analysis by which competing approaches to international political economy can be evaluated. The second theme will integrate these approaches with issue areas within the fields of international trade, international finance, and what might be termed "international production" (within which fields issues such as economic development, the multinational enterprise, and the global "division of labour" constitute the major foci). The course sessions will roughly be constituted by 50 percent lecture and 50 percent organized student contributions for seminar discussion and debate.
PREREQUISITES: Permission of the instructor.