Welcome - Innovation: An Introduction to Design Thinking MGMT 2902   Innovation: An Introduction to Design Thinking
Ever wonder how great ideas turn into innovative solutions people or organizations want to adopt? In today's highly dynamic environment, innovation has become not only a priority, but a driving force for highly successful organizations that adopt Design Thinking tools and processes that promote innovation. When done well, these tools and processes link inspiration and passion to implementation and delivery – and help individuals and organizations develop a culture that embraces and promotes innovation. This course combines theory and application and provides a hands-on practical learning experience for students as they actually design and implement innovative solutions to real world problems using creative problem solving and design thinking techniques. Students work in teams and learn how to apply these techniques to more fully understand the problem, identify novel and suitable solutions, and determine whether their proposed solution is a fit with those that will be using it.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: 2nd year students