Certificate in Chronic Condition Management - Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy OCCU 5041   Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy
This course covers key issues in the the Master of Science (Occupational Therapy – Post Professional) program. The course provides students with the opportunity to examine and critique evidence-based practice and its application to occupational therapy. Using readings, exercises, and discussion, students analyze the principles underlying evidence-based practice, learn methods to critically appraise the literature, and integrate these methods into occupational therapy practice. The Master of Science (Occupational Therapy – Post Professional) course is a 12-week online course. TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE: Consult http://www.dal.ca/ilo for current technology requirements.
FORMAT COMMENTS: On site and distance, on line
PREREQUISITES: Admission to the MSc (OT) or MSc (OT–Post-Professional) program. Other Graduate Students or SSGS (Special Student Graduate Studies) status by permission of the instructor. Students enrolled in the MSc (OT) program must have successfully completed all program courses in the previous semester.