Certificate in Aquaculture - Introduction to Aquaculture BIOL 5602   Introduction to Aquaculture
This course offers a lecture-based introductory overview of aquaculture; the culturing and rearing of aquatic plants and animals. Lectures will deal with the following topics: (1) general overview of aquaculture; (2) physical and chemical properties of the aquatic environment; (3) site selection; (4) aquatic engineering; (5) aquaculture modeling; (6) finfish culture; (7) bivalve culture; (8) crustacean culture; (9) seaweed culture; (10) health and pathology; (11) growth and nutrition; (12) genetics and reproduction; (13) legal, economic, social and environmental considerations; (14) sustainability issues. These topics will be covered with both a Maritimes and a global perspective. This course is designed to familiarize students with the multi-disciplinary nature of aquaculture as a field. The introduction will describe the state of aquaculture production in the world. The main body of the course is divided in three sections covering the aquatic milieu, species specific culture techniques, and general biological principles. The amount of interplay between various physical, biological and species-specific aspects will be shown in each topic. We will overview legal, economic and social considerations and we will look at some of the controversies surrounding aquaculture environmental sustainability. This is an introductory class, and most topics will not be covered in fine detail. However, I expect student to get a clear appreciation of the underlying principles of aquaculture and how these come into play in chosen examples of aquaculture practices.
FORMAT: Lecture