Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment - Environmental Issues in Earth Sciences ENVS 2410   Environmental Issues in Earth Sciences
Geology underlies many of the environmental problems facing humanity today. Topics include environmental aspects of energy and mineral resource, geologic hazards, geologic connections to pollution and waste disposal, and the role that water plays in its various guises. Canadian examples are incorporated where appropriate. Approved with Canadian Studies.
NOTES: This course is not offered every year. Please consult department in the spring for further information.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One of: ERTH 1080, ERTH/GEOG 1030, ERTH/GEOG 1060, ENVS 1100.03 and ENVS 1200.03, or ENVS 1000.06, SUST 1001 with a grade of B or above, or DISP with Earth Sciences
CROSS-LISTING: CANA 2410.03, ERTH 2410.03
EXCLUSIONS: This class does not count toward a Major or Honours in Earth Sciences