Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment - Geological Oceanography OCEA 4110   Geological Oceanography
This course provides a broad survey of geology and geophysics as they apply to the oceans. The course content covers methods and observations with quantitative applications to an understanding of marine geophysical and geological processes. The topics covered include the origin of ocean basins, plate tectonics, heat flow, gravity, and magnetics (1/3 of the course); patterns and processes of sediment transport and deposition, and the paleoceanographic reconstruction of past climates (2/3 of the course).
NOTES: Training in calculus and statistics will prove to be advantageous to the student’s outcome.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: OCEA 2001.03 and OCEA 2002.03 (or OCEA 2000.06), OCEA 2020.03, OCEA 2021.03, and ERTH 1080.03; or permission of instructor.
CROSS-LISTING: OCEA 5110.03, ERTH 4110.03