Certificate in Genetics - Honours Research and Thesis 2 MICI 4902   Honours Research and Thesis 2
MICI 4902 is a continuation of MICI 4901. While typically requiring original research conducted under the supervision of a faculty member, in the period of the pandemic and ahead, Honours can be conducted in 1 of 3 options: 1) If the student is permitted into the supervisor’s laboratory beginning in fall term, for both terms, the project should be original research conducted at the bench. 2) If the student is not in the laboratory or conducting in silico analyses for both terms, a written project will be based on research of the literature on a problem related to the supervisor’s research, in consultation with the supervisor. 3) If the student is permitted into the laboratory in the (second, 4902) winter term only, the project could be a “hybrid” of a literature review
NOTES: This course must be taken consecutively with MICI 4901.03. No grade is provided until both MICI 4901.03 and MICI 4902.03 are completed.
PREREQUISITES: B average in at least three of MICI 3114.03, MICI 3115.03, MICI 3119.03 and BIOC 3400.03 with no grade lower than B- (AND instructor's permission); and a member of the department who will serve as a supervisor. Students must have completed all second year course requirements.