Certificate in Genetics - Directed Project in Medical Sciences II SCIE 4102   Directed Project in Medical Sciences II
This is an outside-the-classroom learning experience in which the student works on a research project relevant to medical sciences under the direction of a supervisor. Suitable work environments may be located at any Dalhousie-affiliated site. Supervisors may be in any department/Faculty.
NOTES: Open only to students in the Bachelor of Science Medical Sciences Program. To register for this class, a student must find a supervisor willing to supervise the work experience. The student and supervisor must sign a learning agreement that has been approved by the course coordinator. This course must be taken in the same academic year as SCIE 4101.03 and no credit can be given for one course without the other. No grade will appear for SCIE 4101.03 until SCIE 4102.03 has also been completed.
FORMAT: Other (explain in comments)
FORMAT COMMENTS: Students are responsible for drafting a learning agreement with the supervisor to specify learning outcomes, activities designed to accomplish these outcomes, a quantifiable assessment strategy, and a timeline. Scheduling is arranged between student and supervisor. A minimum of 84 hours and a maximum of 96 hours of work experience (per term) should be documented. This may represent 7-8 hours per week throughout a term or concentrated over a shorter time in the summer.
PREREQUISITES: Permission of coordinator required. Students are advised to have at least 2 senior (3000- or 4000-level) courses on topics relevant to the research area, including SCIE 3100.03 (Experiential Learning in Medical Sciences). Minimum B average (GPA 3.0) in at least three of the following Medical Sciences 3rd year core courses (PHAC 3001.03, MICI 3115.03, ANAT 3010.03, PATH 3000.03, PHIL 2805.03 or PHIL 2810.03).
EXCLUSIONS: Open only to students in the Bachelor of Science Medical Sciences Program. Research work that is part of another scheduled class or paid employment cannot be used towards SCIE 4101.03. Cannot be taken concurrently with SCIE 3100.03. Cannot be taken with SCIE 4901.03 or SCIE 4902.03.