Certificate in Materials Science - Materials Science CHEM 3305   Materials Science
This course emphasizes understanding the principles behind materials' physical properties, such as thermal and mechanical stability, and electrical and optical properties. Materials discussed include liquid crystals, perfect crystals, defective solids, polymers and glasses. Applications, such as the use of materials in displays, gas sensors, and lasers, are discussed.
NOTES: This course is the same as PHYC 3303, except CHEM 3305 has a lab and PHYC 3303 has a major term paper.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

FORMAT COMMENTS: Lab 4 hours every second week
PREREQUISITES: CHEM 1012.03, and (CHEM 2301.03 and CHEM 2304.03) or PHYC 3200.03 (can be a corequisite) or (ERTH 2001.03 and ERTH 2002.03)
EXCLUSIONS: PHYC 3303.03, CHEM 3303.03