Certificate in Neurotechnology Innovation - Physics of Biological and Medical Technology PHYC 2250   Physics of Biological and Medical Technology
This course focuses on the nature of different forms of radiation and their interactions with living organisms. Particular attention is given to imaging techniques for the examination of internal organs, and the resulting effects of radiation. Topics may include ultrasound, nuclear medicine, X-ray tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and exposure to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: PHYC 1190.03/1290.03 or 1300X/Y.06: MATH 1000.03/1010.03 or SCIE 1500X/Y.30, 1501X/Y.30, 1501X/Y.27, 1502X/Y.21 1503X/Y.21, 1504X/Y.27, or 1510X/Y.33 or permission of the instructor.