16. Assessment - Recreation Management Internship LEIS 4597X/Y    Recreation Management Internship
This course is an extended professional development internship during the final year of study. It requires the completion of a minimum 16-week internship in a recreation service delivery agency. The internship involves an in-depth agency analysis and the completion of a special service project for the agency, as well as several other academic projects. Details of the goals and specific procedures for the internship are contained in the current Internship Handbook.
FORMAT COMMENTS: Internship - 16 weeks in the Fall term (September-December), or Winter term (January-April), or Spring term (April to mid-July). Available only with permission of the Internship Coordinator.
PREREQUISITES: Completion of all other program requirements and approval of the Student Services Administrator. Standard First Aid and Level C CPR certifications. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to Bachelor of Science (Recreation), and Bachelor of Science (Recreation)/Bachelor of Management students in their final term.