20. Academic Dismissal - Field Practicum and Seminar SLWK 4033   Field Practicum and Seminar
This course includes a 700 hour agency based practice placement, integrated seminars and the opportunity to develop a broad range of practice knowledge and skills sufficient to meet the requirements of an entry level professional position. The field practicum is done at the end of a student's program. Students are responsible to stay in touch with the Field Coordinator during the coordination process and comply with various requirements of placement sites (for example: immunizations, CRC, Child Abuse Registry). Some sites may require separate disability insurance in lieu of eligibility for Worker Compensation Coverage. Such costs are the responsibility of the student.
NOTE: Course Details listed here also apply to SLWK 4034/SLWK 4035.
COREQUISITES: SLWK 3032.03, SLWK 3033.03, SLWK 3012.03, SLWK 3086.03, SLWK 3087.03, SLWK 3220.03, SLWK 4008.03, SLWK 4009.03
PREREQUISITES: SLWK 2010.03, SLWK 2112.03, SLWK 2113.03, SLWK 2222.03, SLWK 2334.03, SLWK 2335.03, SLWK 2550.03