Minor in Canadian Studies - Language and Culture CANA 2021   Language and Culture
Normally follows FREN 1045X/Y.06 or 1050X/Y.06, and is taken in the second year of study. This course provides the opportunity to practice and improve language skills (vocabulary and grammar) already acquired. Each year sections offer topics from the options listed below. Each section focuses upon a broad cultural topic via which language skills are developed. No prior knowledge of the topic is supposed. Various readings lead to discussions and oral presentations. Descriptions for sections offered in a specific year may be obtained in April from the Department. All courses and assignments are entirely in French. A maximum of two sections may be taken under the course designation of FREN 2021.03 and 2022.03. Approved in part with Canadian Studies. Contact French Department for details.
PREREQUISITES: FREN 1045X/Y.06 or 1050X/Y.06, or 2000-level Placement Test result, or instructor’s permission