Course Descriptions - Rewriting Gender GWST 3350   Rewriting Gender
Against a widespread view that postmodernism is inimical to feminism, the readings in this course demonstrate that recent literature by women, both fiction and critical theory, has widely adopted postmodern strategies in order to advance feminist views. The postmodern canon has allowed female authors to question the way in which woman’s subjectivity has always been constructed through male-oriented processes of signification. The works of fiction covered in this course, by Kathy Acker, Angela Carter, Marianna Hauser, Octavia Butler, and others, exemplify aesthetic subversions of phallocentric discourses. Literary texts will be supplemented with theoretical works by leading feminist/post-structuralist thinkers such as Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell, Diane Elam, and Gayatri Spivak. The course includes video-taped material and slide-shows of postmodern feminist art.
FORMAT: Seminar