Sociology and Social Anthropology - GPS: Global Politics and Society SOSA 1500   GPS: Global Politics and Society
Global politics and society have been remade by processes of globalization, referring to the multiple ways nations, communities, and people are connected and disconnected across traditional boundaries. The dynamics of the Covid-19 pandemic are but one example of these far-reaching processes. This course covers key concepts from political science, sociology and social anthropology with a view to examining how interactions of large scale global processes, politics, and policies resonate in communities, social institutions and people's everyday lives. We will focus upon the changing dynamics of global capitalism as these are manifest in the political, economic, and sociological conditions across and within regions, nations, and communities.
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EXCLUSIONS: POLI 1010, POLI 1015, POLI 1020, POLI 1025, POLI 1030, POLI 1035, POLI 1100x/y, POLI 1103x/y SOSA 1050.06, SOSA 1100.06 and SOSA 1200.06