Concentrated Honours BA Program - Figuring Out Society SOSA 3402   Figuring Out Society
This course provides an introduction to issues of research design, including the relationship of theory to the choice of methodology. Students are exposed to basic tools and procedures which will help them to analyze the numerical tables and graphs they may come across in sociological or anthropological journals. Other relevant issues will be included, such as, whether it is possible to achieve scientific objectivity when studying human behaviour. It is assumed students enrolled in this course possess basic computer skills.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Any 1000 level SOSA or FYP and SOSA 2007.03: Thinking Sociologically AND SOSA 2008.03: Doing Sociology; or SOSA 2012.03: Thinking through Anthropology AND SOSA 2013.03: Anthropology in Practice or SOSA 2001.06: Ethnography in a Global Context or SOSA 2002.06: The Sociological Perspective: Thinking and Doing Sociology