Concentrated Honours BA Program - Qualitative and Field Methods SOSA 3403   Qualitative and Field Methods
Research is a craft requiring many skills. This course focuses on skills complementary to those discussed in SOSA 3402.03 (Figuring out Society). Topics may include- theory and the choice of method; applied social science; field work; ethnography; use of interpreters; interviewing; life histories; note taking; analysis of texts; feminist methodologies.
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PREREQUISITES: Any 1000 level SOSA or FYP and SOSA 2007.03: Thinking Sociologically AND SOSA 2008.03: Doing Sociology; or SOSA 2012.03: Thinking through Anthropology AND SOSA 2013.03: Anthropology in Practice or SOSA 2001.06: Ethnography in a Global Context or SOSA 2002.06: The Sociological Perspective: Thinking and Doing Sociology