Combined Honours in Sociology or Social Anthropology and another field - Contemporary Perspectives in Ethnography SOSA 4003   Contemporary Perspectives in Ethnography
Ethnographies and critical writings which grapple with questions of theory and interpretation in a range of contexts - near and far, familiar and strange, local and global - will be examined in this course. Approved with International Development Studies.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA 1000 level course or FYP; Any 1000 level SOSA or FYP and SOSA 2007.03: Thinking Sociologically AND SOSA 2008.03: Doing Sociology; or SOSA 2012.03: Thinking through Anthropology AND SOSA 2013.03: Anthropology in Practice or SOSA 2001.06: Ethnography in a Global Context or SOSA 2002.06: The Sociological Perspective: Thinking and Doing Sociology and fourth year Honours standing
RESTRICTIONS: Class: Earned Hours (120 & Over), Earned Hours (90-119) Major: Social Anthropology, Sociology