Minor in Sociology and Social Anthropology of Social Justice and Inequality - Anthropology in Practice SOSA 2013   Anthropology in Practice
This course builds on the foundations and materials introduced in SOSA 2012. Social anthropologists use ethnography to describe and understand how people conduct their lives in a particular time and place. This course examines the challenges, complexity, strengths, and limitations of ethnographic knowledge and writing in Social Anthropology. Students will learn about a number of different ethnographic settings which may vary from year to year. A selection of ethnographies, films, autobiographical writing, and critical commentaries will be used to reveal how social anthropologists generate ethnographic knowledge about past and present societies, and why research priorities, frameworks, and methods shift.
NOTES: SOSA 2012 and SOSA 2013 must be taken in the same academic year. The combination of SOSA 2012 and SOSA 2013 is equivalent to SOSA 2001. Students who have already completed SOSA 2001 are excluded from SOSA 2013.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA course at the 1000 level or FYP, plus SOSA 2012
EXCLUSIONS: Students who have already completed SOSA 2001 Are excluded from taking SOSA 2013