Minor in Sociology and Social Anthropology of Social Justice and Inequality - Exploring Crime and Criminal Behavior SOSA 2182   Exploring Crime and Criminal Behavior
Though this is a stand-alone course it builds on the exploration of theories of crime addressed in 2181.03 and applies them to various “types” of crime and criminal behavior in Canada and elsewhere. This course pulls together various sources of knowledge to provide description and analysis of various patterns and types of crime and explores how this knowledge is being applied in specific policies and practices aimed at managing and preventing crimes: typically by the criminal justice system. The course content covers Violent crimes such as murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, robbery and gang violence: Property crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle theft; Organized crime, White Collar and Corporate crime and new forms of Global crime such as narco trafficking; human and arms smuggling and money laundering.
NOTES: Approved with Law and Society Minor.
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA course at the 1000 level or FYP