Minor in Sociology and Social Anthropology of Social Justice and Inequality - Gender, Sexuality and Society SOSA 2192   Gender, Sexuality and Society
This course introduces students to the sociological study of gender and sexuality. It explores how socio-economic and cultural conditions— particularly in contemporary Canada— shape our understandings and experiences of gender and sexuality and how both intersect with age, ethnicity, class and other markers of identity. Specific topics to be examined may include the interconnected histories of sexuality and gender expectations in western societies, representations of gender and sexuality in the contemporary media, the family as a changing social institution and/or the social organization of intimate relationships, and different forms of gender and sexual activism and the notions of justice that they represent. Students taking this course will gain an in-depth understanding of gender and sexuality as evolving socially constructed concepts that have real and multiple effects.
NOTES: Note: Given it's focus on contemporary Canadian society, this course may not be approved as an IDS class.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One 1000 level SOSA course or FYP or a GWST course
EXCLUSIONS: SOSA 2190X/Y.06, GWST 2800X/Y.06