Minor in Sociology and Social Anthropology of Social Justice and Inequality - Colonialism and the Body: Sex and the Practice of Power SOSA 3016   Colonialism and the Body: Sex and the Practice of Power
Theorists such as Frantz Fanon and Anne McClintock have argued that the colonial encounter has been a sexual and sexualized undertaking, undergirded by regimes of power. This course Colonialism and the Body uses sex, sexuality, and gender as the starting point from which to interrogate and examine the meanings attached to the bodies of the colonized and colonizer, and the social, spatial, political locations of these bodies during the heyday of European colonization, and further, in this supposedly postcolonial moment. We will examine diverse forms of colonialism (internal, direct, and indirect) in specific locations around the globe, including Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and in parts of Africa and Asia. Topics include slavery and the slave trade, European contact with indigenous societies, Africville, Oka, sports, racial science, racialization of the African body, and colonial crime and punishment.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA 1000 level course or FYP