BA Honours in Theatre (Acting) - Voice and Speech 2b THEA 2812   Voice and Speech 2b
This is a continuation of THEA 2811.03. This course focuses on developing the speaking voice. It is an introduction to mind/body/voice awareness, the anatomical and physiological aspects of phonation, and the care of the voice. This introduction includes exploration and drilling of the primary breathing and phonating muscles with the object of releasing the voice and developing an open, flexible sound. Focusing of the mind, alignment of the spine, releasing of unnecessary and habitual tensions, exploration of resonating cavities, pitch, volume/power, and articulation, as well as exploration of a variety of text will all be investigated.
NOTES: THEA 2811.03 and THEA 2812.03 must be completed within the same academic year.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

COREQUISITES: THEA 2802.03, THEA 2822.03
PREREQUISITES: In addition to completion of THEA 2811.03 and permission of the instructor, students must be recommended by the Acting faculty to proceed to the next term of study.