BA Honours in Theatre (Acting) - Dance and Movement 2b THEA 2822   Dance and Movement 2b
This is a continuation of THEA 2821.03. The course is designed to develop the student’s practical knowledge of movement for performance. This is manifest through a practical exploration of various movement and dance techniques, incorporating the use of space, rhythm, and correct body alignment, as well as flexibility and strength. Students are expected to develop a working vocabulary of dance terminology.
NOTES: THEA 2821.03 and THEA 2822.03 must be completed within the same academic year.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

COREQUISITES: For the BA Theatre (Acting): THEA 2801.03, THEA 2811.03.
PREREQUISITES: BA Theatre (Acting): In addition to completion of THEA 2821.03, students must be recommended by the Acting faculty to proceed to the next term of study. Permission of the instructor required. For the Dance Certificate program: THEA 2821.03 and permission of the instructor.