BA Honours in Theatre (Acting) - Voice and Speech 3a THEA 3811   Voice and Speech 3a
This course is a continuation of 2812.03. Emphasis is on freeing the voice by combining newly developed skills that constitute “good use”: releasing the mind and body, aligning the spine, and accessing primary breathing muscles. Attention is paid to vocal support, clarity of the sound, flexibility and range, and the power behind the sound. A voice warm- up is designed and instructed by each student. Ways of accessing oral, nasal, and pharyngeal cavities are explored. Phonetics, speech, and accents/dialects are introduced. Much of the work involves application to a variety of texts.
NOTES: THEA 3811.03 and THEA 3812.03 must be completed within the same academic year.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

COREQUISITES: THEA 3801.03, THEA 3821.03
PREREQUISITES: THEA 2801.03, THEA 2802.03, THEA 2811.03, THEA 2812.03, THEA 2821.03, THEA 2822.03, and permission of the Acting faculty.