Costume Studies, Diploma in two years - Costume in Performance 1 PERF 2451   Costume in Performance 1
In this course, the student will apply the knowledge gained in THEA 1451.03 and THEA 1452.03 to research, illustrate, and create designs for modern and historical costume for the stage. In addition, students work on productions in order to understand the integral role played by costume in staging a play, in an actor’s character development, and in body image and representation. This course is part of the Costume Studies Program.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

COREQUISITES: For Diploma in Costume Studies Students: see course combinations in Calendar For BA Theatre (Costume Studies): THEA 2402.03, THEA 2408.03
PREREQUISITES: For all students: PERF 1000.03 and PERF 1002.03, THEA/PERF 2412.03, permission of the instructor. For BA Theatre (Costume Studies): THEA 1450 or THEA 1451.03 and THEA 1452.03, permission of the instructor.