Costume Studies, Diploma in two years - Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress a THEA 2407   Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress a
By examining the aesthetics of contemporary dress, this course will enable the student to understand established systems used to create clothing, utilizing body image as principal means. Through the study and application of systematic principles, the student will gain a better understanding of people’s need to define body image in terms of ornamental self-expression and social identification. This course is part of the Costume Studies Program.
NOTES: THEA 2407.03 and THEA 2408.03 must be completed within the same academic year.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

PREREQUISITES: For BA in Theatre (Costume Studies) students: PERF 1000.03 and PERF 1002.03, THEA 1450 or THEA 1451.03 and THEA 1452.03. For Diploma in Costume Studies: See course combinations in Calendar.
RESTRICTIONS: Costume Studies BA or Diploma students only.