Costume Studies, Diploma in two years - Costume in Performance 2b THEA 3453   Costume in Performance 2b
This is a continuation of THEA 3452.03. In this course students will demonstrate their fluency in costume creation with design interpretations for theatrical production. Students will examine problems related to costume as an expression and extension of theatrical character development. Fountain School productions provide a venue for students to develop interpersonal and technical skills. Students work as an integral part of a team. This course is part of the Costume Studies Program.
NOTES: THEA 3452.03 and THEA 3453.03 must be completion within the same academic year.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

COREQUISITES: THEA 3402.03 and 3403.03, THEA 3454.03, THEA 3455.03
PREREQUISITES: For BA in Theatre (Costume Studies) students: PERF 1000.03 and PERF 1002.03, THEA 1450 or THEA 1451.03 and THEA 1452.03, THEA 2011.03, THEA 2012.03, THEA 2401.03 and THEA 2402.03, THEA 2406 or THEA 2407.03 and THEA 2408.03, THEA 2412.03, THEA 2451.03 For Diploma in Costume Studies: see course combinations in calendar. Permission of instructor required.
RESTRICTIONS: Costume Studies BA or Diploma students only.