Certificate in Computing in Arts & Social Sciences - Introduction to Acting and Performance b THEA 1802   Introduction to Acting and Performance b
This is a continuation of THEA 1801.03. This first year performance course is open to any student, regardless of experience. However, entrance into the next three years of the Acting program is by audition only. Classes are designed to provide the student with an understanding of what it is to act and communicate through words and movement. The approach will be practical, focusing on four major aspects of the craft: Space, Character, Context, and Action. Each unit will be comprised of exercises and scene study, with scripts drawn from classical and contemporary plays. Exercises and explorations in class are centred on group work and collaboration, which will strengthen communication and improvisational skills. Students will challenge themselves physically, vocally, and imaginatively, while working collaboratively in a trusting, dynamic environment.
NOTES: THEA 1801.03 and THEA 1802.03 must be completed within the same academic year with a final grade supplied in the spring. THEA 1801 and THEA 1802 are prerequisites for entrance into the upper years of the Acting Program and/or the Certificate in Dance and Movement.
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PREREQUISITES: THEA 1801.03 and permission of the instructor