Certificate in Intercultural Communication - Wars and Revolutions in Twentieth Century Africa HIST 5471   Wars and Revolutions in Twentieth Century Africa
Africa as portrayed in the Western media is a continent plagued by bloody conflicts. All too often these conflicts have not been carefully explained; rather they have been written off as “tribal” squabbles or incomprehensible episodes of barbarism. This course will examine several types of conflicts throughout the twentieth-century and will seek answers to such questions as: What initiated these conflicts? What were the combatants fighting for? How did these conflicts influence widersocial, economic and political developments? In what ways did colonial policies and the colonial legacy influence African conflicts? What role has the international community played in African conflicts? What roles have African elites or local communities played in these conflicts? Grappling with these questions will allow us to move beyond simplistic explanations to acquire a better understanding of the wars and revolutions that have so marked twentieth-century Africa.
FORMAT: Seminar