Certificate in Intercultural Communication - Governance and Globalization POLI 2350   Governance and Globalization
This seminar course provides students with an opportunity for critical evaluation of the reshaping of political processes and institutions that are occurring as the result of globalization. The course will explore the concept of governance in the context of changing dynamics related to the trans-nationalisation of production and increased capital mobility as well as the rise in numbers and influence of NGOs and new social movements. Hence, “new” forms of governance emerging out of decentralization and/or disinvestment of state authority and supra-national arrangements that are broadly captured within the concept of “global governance” will be explored along with traditional concepts of governance that centre on the actors, structures and environments of governmental policy-making. A range of issues will be examined – governance of economies, environment, communications, human rights, health, conflict and complex emergencies – within the context of debates involving the “internationalization” of the state; the role of identities – e.g. nationalist, ethnic, gender, cosmopolitan; the growing relevance of regions and the nature of and prospects for democracy and citizenship.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: 1000-level course in Political Science or Kings FYP recommended