Certificate in Intercultural Communication - Goblins, Ghosts, Gods, Gurus I SOSA 2292   Goblins, Ghosts, Gods, Gurus I
Societies and groups within societies differ in terms of what their members believe, how people view the world and their place within it, the sources of knowledge, attitudes toward the supernatural and the sacred, the status and authority of different sources of knowledge and what it all means. What makes religion different from science? What makes them similar? What is common sense? What are magic and witchcraft? What are the relations between belief and actions? What is the status of religious authority and power? What are altered states of consciousness? What are religious groups all about? Why do people belong to them, join them, leave them? What is involved in conversion and commitment? This course considers such questions drawing on a wide variety of societies, cultures, and groups, western and non-western.
NOTES: This course is the first part of the former full-year course SOSA 2291X/Y.06. This course description reflects the entirety of the pair (SOSA 2292.03 and SOSA 2293.03).
FORMAT: Lecture
EXCLUSIONS: SOSA 2291X/Y.06, RELS 2291X/Y.06