Course Descriptions - Work-Term One, Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) COMM 2801   Work-Term One, Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op)
Unless written permission is obtained, in advance, work term I is completed in the Winter term of the second year.
FORMAT: Experiential Learning
PREREQUISITES: At least 13 half credits earned (must include COMM 1711.015, COMM 1712.015, COMM 1715.03 plus at least 7 half credits of required core courses from the first three academic terms) OR: At least 6 1/2 full credits, which must include COMM 1502.03, COMM 1710.03, and COMM 1720.03 plus at least 3 1/2 other full credits from the Core Area (COMM, ECON 1101.03 and ECON 1102.03 and MATH 1115.03 or MATH 1000.03).