Ocean Science Areas - Fisheries Oceanography OCEA 4160   Fisheries Oceanography
Oceanographic influences on ecology of marine fish: on population dynamics, distribution, abundance, reproduction, life history, feeding, growth, metabolism, mortality, and recruitment. Emphasis on contemporary hypotheses and primary literature and some on fishery management. Primary-publication-style research paper required. Competence with fundamental population dynamics, ecology, physical oceanography, mathematics, and statistical analyses expected.
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FORMAT COMMENTS: some practicums/tutorials
PREREQUISITES: OCEA 2001.03 and OCEA 2002.03 (or OCEA 2000.06); BIOL 2060.03 or BIOL 3080.03 or equivalent; MATH 1060.03/STAT 1060.03 or STAT 2080.03 or MATH 2060.03/STAT 2060.03 or instructor's consent.
CROSS-LISTING: BIOL 4369.03, MARI 4369.03, OCEA 5160.03