Course Descriptions - Navigate Your Science Degree FIGS 0009   Navigate Your Science Degree
This is a not-for-credit course for first year Science students. The class meets seven times throughout the winter semester leading up to the March course registration date. We start by matching you with career goals based on your interests. Throughout the seven workshop sessions you explore career options based on these interests, identify employable skills required for 21st century careers, and match these skills with academic courses, co-curricular experiences, work and volunteering opportunities.
NOTES: For first year students enrolled in the Faculty of Science. FIG courses are zero credit hours, but will appear as a PASS on the academic transcript if completed.
FORMAT COMMENTS: Each workshop will start with a brief introduction followed by small group discussion and hands on activities. Each workshop is 1.5 hours long.
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to Faculty of Science students (Undeclared Science, Integrated Science, Medical Science, King’s Foundation Year) who have fewer than 30 credit hours.