Minor in American Studies - Twentieth-Century African American Novel ENGL 3070   Twentieth-Century African American Novel
While it is obvious that several of the novelists on this reading list might well appear in other courses, it is a worthwhile exercise for students to engage in a conversation about these and other texts by African American novelists in the context of African American novelists. That context will be the focus of this course. Such a comparatively restricted focus brings with it such questions as does it matter that these novels were written by African Americans? What do we gain/lose by considering these texts in this specific national and ethno-cultural context? Are the texts representative, and if so, of what and in what ways? Do these texts reinforce or complicate (or both) notions such as the African American experience?
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PREREQUISITES: Completion of 6.0 credit hours at the 1000 level in ENGL, CRWR, KING or PERF