Minor in American Studies - Comparative Foreign Policy Simulation POLI 3525   Comparative Foreign Policy Simulation
This course is designed for advanced (i.e., 3rd/4th year) undergraduate and graduate students in Political Science. Once students become familiar with basic concepts, theories and decision-making frameworks developed within the sub-field of comparative foreign policy (part 1), they will be expected to apply what they have learned through participation in an interactive computer simulation involving other university teams throughout North and South America and Eastern and Western Europe. As they attempt to implement policy initiatives and work in teams to resolve international disputes, students will confront foreign policy issues in a context that provides an authenticity of experience. The objective is to enable students to create and test organizational skills, understand the interdependence of international issues, appreciate cultural differences and approaches to world problems, and use computers for multination communications.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: POLI 2520.03 or POLI 2530.03 recommended