Minor in Ancient History - The Rise of Rome: Consuls, Classes, and World Conquest CLAS 2231   The Rise of Rome: Consuls, Classes, and World Conquest
How did a little village conquer the world? This course follows Rome's gradual expansion across Latium, Italy, and finally the whole Mediterranean. Questionable myths, aggressive literature, fiery rhetoric, and political propaganda complement the archaeological record as we trace the development and decadence of Republican institutions and the Republic's descent into shattering civil war. Class tensions, continuous foreign conflict, and still famous figures like Brutus, Cato, Cicero, and Caesar feature prominently in this vigorous study of a paradigmatic political and social problem: the destiny of Republican Rome. Students will be expected to familiarise themselves with both primary and secondary materials, but no knowledge of Latin is required. The material covered in this course is continued in CLAS 2232 / HIST 2091.
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