Minor in Ancient History - The Fall of Rome: Caesars, Saints, and Warlords CLAS 2232   The Fall of Rome: Caesars, Saints, and Warlords
Rome did not fall in a day, or even a century. If the period of Imperial power includes Rome's decadence, it also includes its greatest power and glory. In this chronological survey of the Roman Empire, we will trace the rise of autocracy, the causes of rare but ferocious civil wars, and the transformation of Roman political institutions from Augustus to Diocletian. A lively look at the growth of urban life in the West, at the limits of Roman identity throughout the empire, at the fearful economic and military crisis of the 3rd century, at the adoption of official Christianity, and at the challenges of foreign invasion will lead us to ponder whether the "Decline and Fall" model of Roman imperial history is still valid. Students will be expected to familiarise themselves with both primary and secondary materials, but no knowledge of Latin is required. This course is a continuation of the material covered in CLAS 2231 / HIST 2090 but that is not a prerequisite.