Minor in Management - Management Skills Development COMM 3309   Management Skills Development
This course will expose students to key knowledge, behaviours, skills, competencies and attitudes considered critical to managerial success. The course is designed to provide students with knowledge and an applied focus which will help ensure they understand and apply effective management practices. Topic areas include: understanding what the successful manager needs to know, understanding the personal self, communications, interpersonal negotiations, team skills, managing innovation and change, handling conflict and anger, coaching, and leadership skills and attitudes needed for success. Significant amounts of classroom time will be devoted to putting theory into practice in terms of employing exercises, role plays, case studies, and group discussions.
  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Experiential Learning

FORMAT COMMENTS: Lecture/discussion 3 hours
PREREQUISITES: COMM 2303.03 OR MGMT 2304.03; and at least third-year standing.