Minor in Management - People, Work, and Organizations: Micro Organizational Behaviour MGMT 2303   People, Work, and Organizations: Micro Organizational Behaviour
Organizational behaviour and the study of work organizations and management draw on a number of disciplines within social sciences to help us to understand and make sense of individual behaviour and human action in groups and organizations. Through a combination of individual and group work and a blend of classroom based activities, this course will explore concepts and theories relating to micro aspects of organizational behaviour. Topics include: individual motivation, personality, perception, attitudes, cultural values, and ethics in organizations. Links will also be made to practice and processes in organizations (for example: rewards, stress appraisal, trust and organizational commitment).
EXCLUSIONS: COMM 2303.03*Students who have taken COMM 2303.03 Introduction to Managing People are currently required to take MGMT 3309.03 (Management Skills Development) for full exclusion to MGMT 2303.03 and MGMT 2304.03.