Minor in Business - Introduction to FinTech COMM 2220   Introduction to FinTech
This course exposes students to the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape. After a high-level overview of the traditional financial system to ensure the class is familiar with the basic financial industry structure, we will proceed into looking at how this industry is disrupted by new technologies. We examine the main changes happening in the financial industry and the factors driving the unprecedented growth in the use of technology, what FinTech is, the main trends related to FinTech, the components of the FinTech ecosystem, and the emerging FinTech innovations. The first wave of FinTech led to the unbundling of banking, i.e., FinTech startups have challenged banks vertically on one of their core functions by providing better and cheaper options. This part will focus on FinTech companies competing with incumbents in the personal finance, payments, lending, capital markets, wealth management, insurance, and money transfer sectors. The next generation of FinTechs that are moving beyond their initial mono-product and into rebundling will also be examined. We will also discuss the threat to the sector posed by the Big Tech companies that are moving into financial services.
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: in addition to lectures, there will be case discussions and guest speakers
PREREQUISITES: At least second year standing