Minor in Business - International and Intercultural Management COMM 4315   International and Intercultural Management
This senior level course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective membership and management in global as well as culturally diverse domestic workplaces. The growing importance of international business and escalating levels of involvement in global competitiveness necessitates that the manager of the 21st century acquire additional skills and abilities for effective international and intercultural interactions at home and abroad. The course content includes such topics as: introduction to comparative and cross-cultural management, variations on cultural orientations and value, cross-cultural communications, employee attitude, motivational issues in cross-cultural settings, differences in management and leadership styles, training for international assignments, cross-cultural staffing, inter-cultural negotiations, ethics and social responsibility, and expatriation and repatriation management. RECOMMENDED prior learning: COMM 3303.03 and COMM 3309.03
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: Cases, exercises
COREQUISITES: COMM 4351.03 or MGMT 4001.03
PREREQUISITES: COMM 2303.03 or MGMT 2304.03