Minor in Business - Ethics and Social Responsibility MGMT 2305   Ethics and Social Responsibility
In Ethics and Social Responsibility we recognize we live in the Anthropocene, which is defined by climate change challenges. In this course we define and explore the social-ecological responsibilities of leaders working in different sector schemas. At one level, government legislation establishes society's minimum ethical standards for organization behaviour. Government impacts organizations through its practices, purchases, advocacy, expenditures, taxation, policy and regulatory actions. However, in the complexity of a rapidly changing world, the law may not sufficiently determine ethical and responsible conduct. The course's aim is to enable participants to develop framework that will help them think and act in an ethical responsive manner. The course uses two perspectives. First from an individual perspective--the virtual self, that has to decide how to conduct and navigate complex challenges, and decide what is "good" in their actions. Second, from a broader perspective, we explore questions about the role of organizations and government in our interconnected social-ecological system. The basis for all the perspectives is the belief that the foundation of responsible thinking and action is ethical behaviour. We will explore the critical elements that drive ethical leadership in today's organizations. We will also focus on how to enable value-based organizational culture, and equip you with a 21st-century ethical toolbox needed for moral visioning towards developing a shared desired futures. We will approach issues from a social-ecological systems thinking with the goal of enabling you to sense the need to integrate ethics, the rule of law, citizenship initiatives and sustainability into an organization's culture, strategy, and operations. In the end, you will learn that ethics asks us to pay attention to what is happening within ourselves and the world around us--to not ask, are we doing the right thing, but are we doing the good thing? The course will draw on emerging challenges reported in the media, current case study, the UN's SDG framework, and textbook readings.
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PREREQUISITES: At least second year standing
EXCLUSIONS: COMM 2310.03; PHIL 2081.03