Minor in Latin American Studies - The Cuban Development Model INTD 3408   The Cuban Development Model
This course examines the evolution of the Cuban development model, from the Conquest and colonization by the Spanish to the reforms of the early 21st Century. The objective is to develop an understanding of the various development strategies employed by Cuba, particularly since the revolution of 1959. When asked about the Cuban development model, most people nowadays would say "tourism". Thirty years ago it was sugar--as it had been from the beginning of the 16th Century. In fact Cuba obtains most of its hard currency from medical-related services--mainly from the exportation of medical services, but also from the sale of sophisticated biotechnological products. Cuba's approach has evolved dramatically in the last two decades, and particular attention will be paid to thisperiod.
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PREREQUISITES: INTD 2001.03 and INTD 2002.03 or permission from the instructor.